Your Preferences: Adding a Category

The default categories that we provide in the creation details section of your dashboard are ceramics, drawing, fibre, painting, photograph, print, and sculpture. You can create as many custom categories of your own as you wish. Navigate to your preferences section by selecting Creations and then Preferences from the main menu.

Follow these steps to add a category: 

  1. Select Creations and then Preferences from your Main Menu. Then navigate to the Category tab.
  2. Select the New Category button.
  3. Below Category Name enter the name you wish for your category.
  4. Select Save. You will now be able to attribute your new category to any of your creations.

You can also create a category within a creation's details section. Adding a category in this way will still save it in your preferences section. This means you will be able to attribute it to other creations in the same way you are able to with categories you have created in the preferences section of your dashboard.

  1. Select a creation you wish to create a new category for, and then navigate to its Details tab.
  2. Select the drop-down menu under the Category field and then select New Category.
  3. Below Category Name enter the name of your category.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Save your Creation.