About Your Preferences

Your Preferences include categories, custom fields, mediums, status, units, and tags. You can edit and customize any of your preferences. Navigate to your preferences section by selecting Creations and then Preferences from the main menu.


We provide a number of default mediums such as acrylic, oil and fibre. You can add as many custom mediums of your own as you wish. 


We provide a number of default categories such as ceramics, painting and photograph. You can create as many custom categories of your own as you wish.    

Custom Fields

The default fields in the details section of your creations are category, medium, title, dimensions, edition, tags, date, reference number and caption. If you want to add additional details to your creations you can create custom fields. Your custom fields will appear in the Details tab of every creation. 

  • You can create seven different types of Custom Fields:
    • A True or False value. This field will show up as a 'yes' or 'no' button that can be toggled on or off. 
    • Long Text. This Field will allow you to enter a description that requires a few sentences. 
    • Short Text. This Field will allow you to enter a short description such as a name or title.
    • Date. When you want to enter a calendar date.
    • Decimal. When you want to enter a decimal number. (123.45)
    • Currency Decimal. When you want to enter another price or cost field ($123.45)
    • Select List. When you want to create a drop-down list of options.  

Visit this article to learn how to create a custom field: Creating Custom Fields


The default statuses that we provide are sold, available and not for sale. Create additional statuses to track where sales or consignments are at.


The default units that we provide are centimetres and inches. You can create additional units as needed.


Tags function in the same way as hashtags. Every creation can have multiple tags to help organize and group your creations together. You can organize your artwork by searching for tags and creating reports. 
Creation Defaults
Set defaults for all of the creations you upload to your account. This is helpful if, for example, you work in one medium or produce work of all the same size.
Publishing Defaults

Select the information you want to share by default when you publish a creation whether it's via a private link, to your public record and to your website. You can modify these settings each time you create a private link.

Visit this article to learn how to set your publishing defaults: Setting Your Publishing Defaults